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Connecting Communities

Percipio Industries, LLC specializes in the planning, designing, implementation and management of multi-service community broadband networks connecting residents, schools, hospitals, public institutions, local businesses and government organizations. Percipio strives to expand high-speed broadband access and adoption throughout rural, metro and inner city communities to encourage innovation and stimulate economic growth. 

High-speed Internet capabilities are essential for future growth and development. High speed Internet creates opportunities for regions to stay ahead of continuous technological advancements in order to compete in a rapidly evolving digital world. Global connectivity can be achieved with faster speeds while maintaining competitive prices.

One benefit of the COVID pandemic is the recognition of the value of broadband for tele-health, distance learning, and remote work. Broadband has moved beyond the use of sending emails or streaming movies. State and Federal funded has increased dramatically to support new broadband networks throughout the years. PI has experience with multiple publicly funded projects from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), Connect America Fund (CAF), California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) and Tribal broadband initiatives.

Percipio’s innovative professionals are experienced in all aspects of delivering high-speed broadband networks from consultation and project management to construction services and fiber optic solutions. Percipio is hands on fully committed in the network process from initiating a concept to the completion of the community broadband network.

Support includes each facet of a community network: i) community owned and community operated, ii) community owned and PI operated, iii) and PI owned and PI operated

Benefits of Community Broadband Networks:

Business & Economic Development:

Community broadband networks enable local job growth while attracting new businesses to the local area. Rural and older urban communities are being circumvented by the incumbent providers of broadband services as those providers leverage their investment in those communities while they invest their capital in the construction of broadband networks in growth areas as communities continue to expand. Broadband access has increased opportunity for teleworking and expansion to new markets previously inaccessible. One benefit of the COVID pandemic is the realization by businesses that telework or remote work with broadband is viable and can reduce operating cost of a business through reduction in cost of maintaining office space for employees.


Broadband networks are a basic requirement for residential communities. Remote work requires video conferencing or media display for discussion between one or more participants in real time. The streaming of all music, movies and other video content, online gaming, job search, social networking, electronic bill payments, accessing health records, tele-health, distance learning, and home security are all based on access to affordable and scalable high bandwith services. Broadband access throughout public parks and community centers increases opportunities for residents to stay connected and more secure.

Health Care:

Broadband connects health care facilities with other health care facilities or medical professionals, and medical professionals with patients. High speed internet increases the efficiency of delivery of medical diagnosis and treatment through timely access to medical professionals and patients. Broadband enables medical professionals to remotely monitor, diagnose, and treat health issues in a timely manner. Patients with medical devices allow staff to remotely access real time, and historical, observations and health records of key health metrics for an individual. The COVID pandemic has provided a significant benefit for tele-health. This support in the treatment and reimbursement for tele-health is a benefit for residents in metro., urban, and rural locations. Access to real time and historical observations will improve response time to a medical issue. Informed, timely access to patient data, will improve patient response time  a lower cost.


Educational institutions at all levels (school districts, universities and colleges) improve communications and collaboration through community broadband networks while reducing costs. As education continues to become more Internet-based, community-networking applications allow for distance learning and remote classrooms, standardized testing and online-based homework or curriculum. A community broadband network allows for collaborative opportunities between local schools and schools throughout the country and world. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the limitations that many communities have for broadband enabled distance learning.

Public Works

A community broadband network is beneficial to many aspects of government and public institutions. Broadband networks assist public works, public safety, information technology and environmental services. Intelligent traffic systems increase traffic flow efficiency and vehicle efficiency through less stop and go activity. Utility costs can be minimized through establishing a smart grid. For example, a smart grid with smart meters, smart distribution boards and circuit boards integrated with home control and demand response, and smart appliances will improve efficiency of the electrical grid that may enable utility companies to delay significant investment required for system upgrades in generation and/or distribution.

Value Training:

Percipio is focused on providing training to properly inform and educate consumers on devices and how to effectively utilize the Internet in order to gain maximum value. Value training assists users on quality inclusion and engagement in the online community for gathering information and accessing services. The COVID pandemic has highlighted a major shortcoming of access to broadband. Even when a community may have access to affordable broadband, members in the community may lack the best device to access the broadband network for their desired application. Percipio is also focused on initiatives to provide devices to underserved members in a community to enable them to utilize the broadband network for their desired application.

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