About Us

Percipio Industries, LLC

About Us

Since 2008, Percipio Industries, LLC, dba PI LLC distributes a complete line of goods for communications networks.  As a turn-key broadband network material supplier, PI is a distrubtor of fiber optic cable, OSP hardware and outside plant construction equipment and services. PI distributes goods from manufacturers in the USA, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, China and EU countries.

From these sources, PI LLC can accommodate the requirements of privately and publicly funded deployments. If your funding requires compliance with the Buy American Act, Buy American Provisions under 7 CFR Part 1787, or the Build America Buy American Act, we have goods that will meet the eligible countries requirements.  

A review of our website will provide you with a view of many of our goods.  Please send an inquiry to [email protected] for a response to any requests on specific goods. 



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