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Percipio Industries, LLC provides solutions for clients in the communications services sector to address strategic and operational issues. These issues include consultation on business and technical operations, regional transport networks, last mile and middle mile access, turnkey solutions for voice, video and data services and the development and execution of broadband community networks. 

In addition to the development, deployment, management, and acquisition of communications assets, the firm is a distributor of fiber optic cable and OSP equipment, and outside plant construction services.




  • Installation, activation, and management of fiber and copper-based
  • Negotiations for rights-of-way and indefeasible rights of use agreements for fiber networks with railway concerns, communications carriers, business concerns, universities, tribal governments, and state and local governmental agencies.
  • Interconnection agreements with incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers
  • Certification and compliance with state and federal regulatory authorities.
  • Compliance filings for Connect America
  • Fund and Rural Digital Opportunity Fund
  • Transport and distribution rights agreements for pricing and SLAs for video programming.
  • Single/Double/Triple-play networks and services in new and existing residential and commercial developments.
  • Selection, installation, and activation of VOIP switching platforms.
  • Planning for technology absorption and repurposing wireline access networks.
  • Installation, activation, and management of fixed wireless access networks
  • Business and Operational Support Systems: RFP development, needs analyses, process mapping, implementation plans, negotiations, and advisement on purchases.
  • Data center design for new and retrofit sites.


  • Since 2008, distribution of fiber optic cables and other OSP equipment – closures, enclosures, hand holes, manholes, conduit, inner-duct and aerial pole hardware.
  • Two-year warranty on fiber optic cable.

Community Networks

  • Future-proofed community buildout to support broadband services
  • Community-owned and Community operated
  • Community-owned, PI operated
  • PI owned and PI operated
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