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We are a team of extraordinary creators, thinkers, professionals and experts from a variety of diverse backgrounds, educations and experiences. We are here to deliver incredible results and exceed expectations. Everyone is determined, everyone commits and everyone has a voice. 

James Cook

Managing Partner

John Ortleb

Head of Business Operations

Jared Cook

Business Development Director

Frederic Feit

Business Development Manager
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Mr. Cook is a founding partner and serves as the Managing Partner of Percipio Industries, LLC. Prior to founding Percipio, Mr. Cook founded and served as the COO of a regional CLEC, TESS with operations in Colorado and Arizona. He was also the COO for a CLEC in Hawaii. Mr. Cook has over 30 years of experience in the technology-based industries of aerospace, manufacturing technology, and communications.

Mr. Cook’s experience with communications is rooted in his previous employment with incumbent LECs, long-distance carriers, competitive LECs, and his consulting with clients who have included venture capital firms, Native American tribes, municipalities, ISPs, CLECs, ILECs, CATV MSOs, a DBS company, and electric utilities.

Services provided by Mr. Cook include executive and functional management of business plan development; modeling; planning (business, market, regulatory, network, technology, and operations); competitive benchmarking; market segmentation, network engineering and optimization; line cost analyses and recovery; technology migration and absorption; product development and management; business development; process and quality management; negotiation; regulatory; project management; asset valuation and acquisition; competitor, customer, and company analyses; and sales management.

Mr. Cook’s functional experience includes executive management, sales, marketing, product development and management, business development, strategic planning, finance, operations, and network engineering.


John Ortleb is Head of Business Operations for Percipio Industries, LLC. Mr. Ortleb’s 32 years with process and business management provides a multitude of services and experience to our clients. Mr. Ortleb specializes in change management and the introduction of new programs. He has extensive experience in mapping enterprise value streams and processes.

Mr. Ortleb’s expertise with Process and Program Management led to leadership roles throughout the aerospace (commercial and military,) communications, financial and dotcom industries. Prior to joining Percipio, Mr. Ortleb served as a Senior Executive for Better Enterprise Solutions Corporation (BESCORP Inc.) While at BESCORP, Mr. Ortleb worked extensively with the Department of Defense as Sensei for Program Management of the Lean Transformation of NAVSEA headquarters in Washington D.C., the Naval Weapon System Division (NWSD) in Dahlgren, Virginia and the Port Hueneme Division (PHD), California.

Mr. Ortleb’s extensive experience in instruction and training includes the development of internal and external courses for Total Quality Management, Process Management, Kaizen Events, Strategic Planning, Quality Planning and Value Chain Mapping.

His background in the field of quality and process management began with TQM programs developed under Dr. W. Edward Deming. Since that time he has received numerous training courses and seminars and certifications, Mr. Ortleb received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Kansas, an MBA from the University of Kansas and a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Villanova University.


Business Development Director

Mr. Cook serves as the Business Development Director. Mr. Cook has focused on business development and project management concerns ranging from developing and implementing strategic and operational tactics, research, planning, establishing processes, assessing target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, budget management, formal proposal writing and business model design.

He is experienced in developing, training, managing and motivating highly effective teams and individuals to fulfill full-time, par-time and contract positions within a variety of organizational structures.

Prior to joining Percipio Industries, LLC Mr. Cook serviced as Vice President of Marketing for a full-service firm. Within this position Mr. Cook managed accounts for publicly traded and medium sized companies in communications, web-based and application start-ups, data centers, software-based technology and renewable energy. His professional experience expands across small-to-medium sized companies, start-up ventures and independent consultation.

Mr. Cook holds a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business from the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism with an emphasis on Strategic Communications from the University of Kansas.

Frederic Feit

Business Development Manager

Frederic Feit is Business Development Manager and Broadband Consultant for Percipio Industries, LLC. Mr. Feit joined Percipio in November 2015 after nearly five years working on the MassBroadband123 open access, middle mile network. Mr. Feit oversaw retail service provider onboarding and carrier sales for the network operator, and provided reporting to the NTIA Program Officer supervising this ARRA BTOP Round 2 network.

Previously, Mr. Feit was Business Development Manager for Steeplechase Networks of Pittsfield, MA. Steeplechase placed content and application servers on the edge of broadband last mile networks to decrease latency, improve performance and lower backhaul and Internet transit requirements. Steeplechase worked in areas with higher than average transport and Internet transit costs, primarily with municipalities, utilities and master-planned communities.

Mr. Feit began working in telecommunications in 1999 after obtaining a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. His first job after graduate school was for a regional facilities based CLEC, TESS Communications (the co-founder and COO of TESS Communications is now the Managing Partner of Percipio Industries). TESS offered services using the unbundled Network Element Platform (UNE-P), and also contracted with developers of master-planned communities to install broadband last mile systems and sell triple play services.

Mr. Feit’s eighteen years of experience in broadband last mile and middle mile provides our clients with specialized services including FTTP modeling, public private partnership creation, regulatory compliance, project management and construction management.